Sawmill Restaurant, Blairsville, GA

A good two hours drive up towards the North Ga mountains… lies a hidden gem that could only leave one’s palate salivating for more… A definite Mom and Pop’s kinda dive for the best home cooked breakfast, especially at such elevation.

I found this place in an Ad from the Cabin we rented. Not only that, it was also recommended by the locals and the owner of the cabins. I took my chances and it was well worth it.

The restaurant is in a cabin, suits the “home style cooking” very well. Makes you feel relax in a friendly environment and everyone says “HI”. Maybe it’s different when you live in the area, but when you visit once every other leap year, it’s great hospitalities. Let’s keep it real, ignorant is very bliss and i like the bliss.

The interior is very simple. You get the mismatched chairs and tables and very simple condiments on it. Sugar, milk, creamer, processed jams, salt and pepper. when ordering coffee, don’t expect to be holding a mug similar to everyone. You could be holding a mug with very random logos on it… like the redskins, or some world bank, or your rival football team – Auburn. Just saying…

I have to confess that I really really hate their coffee, even though there’s always someone walking around ready to fill up your mug with more black hot water… it is just plane bland and diluted. I would have more caffeine kicks from a flat diet coke. :X

However, the food definitely redeemed itself from its brewing failure. They’re known for their breakfast so naturally, I’d order breakfast. We had country fried steak, scrambled eggs with collard greens, ham, cheese, and onions, grits and their amazingly soft, fluffy and on steroids biscuits. I could seriously hide my face behind it – big. They’re just delish on its own or between fried eggs and a cheese…or baptized in sasusage gravy…

The country fried steak was amazing. it has to be one of the best one i’ve had yet and i’m very guilty of ordering when available. The inside was very juicy and flavorable while holding its own on the outside dipped in batter and deep fried until golden. Then a generous dallop of homemade sausage gravy on top to harmonize the two in matrimony. They don’t play around and my tummy and palate thank them for it.

You can really make scrambled eggs taste like packaging peanuts. Chewy, uneditable and surely bland. However, Sawmill has really impress me with their Nottely scrambled eggs. They’re scrambled with  eggs (obviously), apple smoked bacon, collard greens, cheese and onions scrambled soft. Just how I love my eggs without requesting for it. It was perfect enough to run into the kitchen and give everyone a hug.

I had mentioned it to my coworker and he said that his dad use to make all sorts of yummy jams and brings it to Sawmill. how awesome is that? i love home made specialties. Although their stock room is near the bathroom area… it’s quite impressive to say the least.

Amazing breakfast with great friendly services. However, it is Cash only place and it’s open from 6 am to 11am. Be there early!

Sawmill Place
845 Pat Haralson Memorial Dr
Blairsville, Georgia
(706) 745-1250


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  1. Real South Food says:

    We’ve tried this place and decided that it was your run-of-the-mill N. GA. breakfast eatery. The “country fried steak” was greasy and the sausage gravy bland, pasty and tasteless. But then, this isn’t real Southern country fried steak. It’s chicken fried steak. Real country fried steak in the South is pounded steak that is dredged in flour and pan browned and then stewed in onions and brown gravy until it’s very tender. It’s not a breakfast dish. Chicken fried steak is more of a Mid-Atlantic dish. It’s appearance in the deep South is rather recent.

    My eggs, which I requested to be scrambled medium, were rubbery — an absolute no-no to lovers of eggs. The apple smoked bacon was nothing that I couldn’t get at the supermarket and was too lean.

    The biscuits were over-the-top approximations of a cat head biscuits common in the mountains. The dough had been over-worked, which activated the gluten, making for rubbery biscuit.

    The grits were tasteless and watery. Grits must be cooked with salt. If they aren’t and salt is added at table, they will turn into soup. This is especially true of quick grits, which the ones served to me certainly were.

    Coffee? What they serve isn’t coffee, as you note. Finding a good cup of coffee is hard these days. I’ve decided that Americans don’t really like coffee. So I rarely order it.

    One could do worse for breakfast, but this place didn’t even serve a shadow of my dear old grandma’s breakfast.

    1. karlyeats says:

      Wow, Thank you for commenting and udpating me on their status. I haven’t been there in over a year and they probably did change, apparently for the worse from what I’m reading. It’s disappointing unfortunately. 😦

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