Would you like to Mushu?

the good and bad thing about this place is that it doesn’t have a website. you would just have to be recommended or do a drive by. They really need to “UP” their marketing strategy because it’s such a great little chinese/vietnamese eatery. Or maybe they just want to keep it by words of mouth from the locals??

Nonetheless, would have never found this place hadn’t it been for my coworkers. Knowing that I am half chinese/vietnamese, they would assume I’d be delighted to eat “PHO”, which is true. I do love my PHO, it’s like chicken noodle soup for you Americans. ๐Ÿ˜›

Mushu really means stir-fry of vegetables, meats and eggs. They’re known for this and is very popular during lunch time. It’s a quickie and it’s cheap so you can be in and out in less than hour. Or you can call in advance and order your PHO and by the time you arrive, they’ll have it ready for you so you can make it back for your 1 o’clock meeting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The owners are Vietnamese, at least the lady is. I haven’t heard the man speak yet so, maybe he’s Chinese. It’s safe to say chinese/vietnamese mixed are very common so the dishes are easily influenced by the two. The method of cooking are very similar with similar flavors and style yet still holds their own. I’m fortunate to have the best of both worlds.

When you walk in the door, usually you’ll be greeted while standing in line to order. There’s a bar on your right with a decent selection of fresh vegetables and meat that you can pick and choose. When ready, you give your bowl to the cook and he’ll start throwing some chinese kung-fu and vietnamese lion dance and voila, you have a hot sizzling bowl of the freshest ingredients to your likings. And, for $1.50 you can add a second bowl. ๐Ÿ˜›

Although this is my second visit, I’ve yet to try that because my eyes are on the prize. A good bowl of hot steamy pho topped with flank steaks and tendon meatballs will do me justice. Although their bowls only come in 1 size, it has just enough to fill a grown man’s tummy and to this bottomless belly girl. Hehe

Typically, a vietnamese joint would have small, medium or large (Pho Xe Lua or loosely translated as The fire train). I don’t understand that concept of why a train because it’s long and narrow. I would assume something a bit more tactful like a TANK? Round and Big. But that’s just me, my eyes are much bigger than my stomach so greed always gets the best of me.

Anyways, for $6.95, you can get a hot bowl of PHO. That’s not too shabby for the area we’re in at all. The taste is very close to home. Their broth is not too salty, not too dark (which means it’s been brewed for so long that the bone marrows has become the broth. Nothing wrong with that but the color doesn’t look so appetizing – but it is sweeter.) The bowl comes with its own small plate of bean sprouts, 1 young sprig of basil, few slices of jalapenos and 1 slice of lime. The hoisin sauce and sriracha would have to be picked up after the order has been taken. It’s self served for your drinks and “wares” – chopsticks, spoons, forks, knives, straws etc…

After you’re done, you can go pick up your own damn fortune at the counter. ha, that’s kinda funny.

Great place with great friendly services. Maybe next time i’ll be tempted to try their bowl of stir fry.

Mushu Asian Cafe
1010 Mansell Rd # 170
Roswell, GA 30076-8864
(770) 552-3288


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