Happy “Tet Trung Thu” (Mid-Autumn Festival)

It’s a full moon outside…

When home, I remember mommy would be running around decorating the house and baking all sorts of delectable sweets for the families and visitors. It’s quite exciting because she makes it exciting for us. She’ll tell us stories of back in the days when our grandparents were alive and she’s trying to continue that tradition and hopefully we’ll catch on. It’s safe to say that maybe 3/4 of that hope has been washed down the drain… we’re just bad kids. Hehe

Anyways, Mid Autumn festival or Moon Festival is celebrated by the Chinese and Vietnamese. It is usually around the 15th day of the 8th month on the Chinese calendar which is either in September or early October.  This is when everyone gather together and watch the full moon with only Chinese lanterns so that they can see the moon clearly. Then they’ll eat moon cakes and drink tea.

The moon cakes are very pretty, usually molded in round or square floral moldings of the lotus etc… There’s so many varieties but the traditional has always been made of lotus seed paste wrapped in a thin rich and eggy pastry on the outside. It can come with a yolk inside, indicating the full moon or many types of seeds.

In the Vietnamese tradition, the moon cakes are usually square. Maybe we just like corners… who knows. There’s also a song that mommy taught me when I was little… but I shall not repeat it since my vocal won’t allow so.

Then you have the lion dance. We love seeing 2 men under a sheet doing gawd knows what… but somehow on the outside with the long eyelashes winking at you and the wagging tail, it’s kinda cute. They usually dance or jump to the beat of the drum on podiums if they know what they’re doing being teased by a fat man holding a teensy fan…


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