This type of identification adds a geographical metadata to your media such as photographs, videos, links on your websites, blogs etc… It gives out longtitude and latitude of your exact location, distance, name of the location and addresses.

I could see the purpose and the goods in this but everything that is good, has something evil lurking behind it. This evilness can quickly spread and already has, like a virus.

If you don’t want to be tracked and exposed then you should definitely be aware of this geotagging, google it. It’s pretty much on every photos that you’ve taken from your cell phone and even in some new digital cameras – that you’re not fully aware of it.

How to turn off Location Services on your Iphone

Go into Setting > General > Location Services > OFF

Once you do that, repeact it just to be sure that it’s completely turned off. Restart your phone if you have to.

It’s ashame that we can’t even feel safe online behind a computer…


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