Copperhead Lodge in Blairsville, GA

Blairsville, GA have random hidden restaurants in places that your GPS on your phone or car wouldn’t be able to track for you. You would need someone who is not directionially impaired or geographically challenge for guidance. What really throws me off is this compass thing that tells you N, S, E, W… seriously… how the heck would i know that I need to go south when it could be any direction of “South” for me. I could be pointing down to the ground and that could be south.

Anyways, we were able to find this spot since it’s on the highway and there are signs everywhere. At first, I really thought we were going through a cabin subdivision… but as you go in further, there’s a huge cabin overlooking the GA mountains. It was an awesome view.

This is consider a lodge where they sell and rent out cabins in lots. So you can come eat and go buy a cabin – just because.

We got there a little early so it was very very quiet – so quiet you could hear the dust falling from the ceiling. There are no background music so expect to hear your own echos even when you’re whispering. I don’t understand why a little radio plugged into the wall wasn’t on their mind. But to each their own.

There were about 6 tables and 6 booths that parallel eachother. An elder couple has already seated and sipping on their “BYOB” wine. Surprise? Sure I was, if I had known, we would have stop by the armish package store and pick up a bottle of moonshine or something. That was the only thing they left out from this Ad, was that they do not have their liquor license aquired yet. So you’re allowed to bring your own bottle and supposedly, complimentary service at no charge. Disappointed because I was craving for a buzz really bad. I was feining, of all times… just for a sip of wine because this whole non civilization thing is hitting me. I’m a total city girl. Not that I can’t adapt to new environment, but I need my supplements.

However, the owner was a sweet little lady who came over to chit chat with us. She has a hard time hearing – bless her sweet heart. I had to scream aloud that I wanted a glass of WINE – really bad. So she went to the back and found a bottle of white wine and gave me a complimentary glass of it. That was the highlight of my night. I would have to say that I won’t have grits for a very long time after this either. The wine has blurred my decision making so everything I ordered from the appetizers to the entrees and the sides… consisted of some damn grits. Battered, fried, smothered… you name it.

The appetizers was the mixed combination of skewered shrimps wearing a jalapeno over its head and wrapped in bacon then baked; battered fried cheese grit balls; dried up chicken wangs and beer battered fried onions with a dipping sauce. Everything was really yummy, except the dried up chicken wangs. It was hard to get it off the bones and then chewed and swallowed. Hurts my esphogas thinking about it. the fried cheese grit balls were really yummy… so yummy i had it as a side to my entree… and in my entree…

So I ordered the BBQed Shrimps and Grits ‘Nawlins Style. The shrimps were really good but the bbq sauce was a little too heavy in taste and thickness. It was a bit more salty then I would like so I had to scraped most of the sauce off it. The grits were perfect. I also got a side of sweet potato fries. They were decently seasoned and fried. I do like the chunky cut in it so you can actually taste the sweet potato.

The steak were kind of bland but it was cooked to a medium rare, just the way I like my steak. Bloody and juicy. It just needed a bit of salt to kick it up. The lemon green beans were very tasty. The texture still hold its crunchy texture with the fresh lemon to accentuate the flavor.

It got a little busy after we got our food so no more echos, just lots of chit chatting and you could hear people’s conversations. Somehow the wine blurred my decisions but my ears seems to be more keen. Wine are so unpredictable. Leaves me wondering… what it would be like with a shot of moonshine? I could be dancing on top of the cabin and howling at the moon… 🙂


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