Got Rice?

Heh, ok so the title is a bit cliché’ but it’s kind of cute to say the least.

Rice is a stable in every asian household period. It is like the bread  and potatoes in any American home. We grew up eating that – even if there’s nothing else to eat with it. It is what keeps our skins porcelain white and soft… I kid. 🙂

I like to give much thanks and props to whomever that invented the rice cooker. Seriously, it has been the best thing since a microwave…

I remember my mom would teach me how to cook rice in a pot over the stove. Let me tell you how many times i’ve cried dreading “eating” time because I would have to cook the damn thing at least 2 times before anyone in the family could eat. You would think that after so many burnt pot of rice have gone to waste, that my mom would deter me from cooking again. Oh no, she was determine to discipline me to learn how to cook it.

Even til this very day, I still don’t know how to cook rice over a stove without burning the bottom. There’s a method call “check on your pot of rice every 5-10 min” that I just never get. I’ll leave it on and walk away and would forget about it until I could smell it…

Well no more burnt rice days for Karly! karly owns a rice cooker that will do all the work and within 20 min, she could have steamy hot white rice cook to perfection, every TIME!

2 cups jasmine rice
4 cups water
Rice Cooker


I normally rinse the rice twice. Basically run it through some tap water, you can either tap it or get a handful and gently rub them together without breaking.

Tip the pot to the side and let out the excess water. Repeat until the rice is clean. I usually put my palm right under the pot to catch any rice escapees while draining. Try to drain as much as you can.

You can tell when the rice is cleaner, the water is less milky and murky.

For every 1 cup of rice, you should add about 2 to 2 1/2 cup of water. You don’t want dried rice, it’s unpleasant to eat. Trust me.

There’s another method for testing to see if you have enough water to cover your rice. I call it the Finger Rice method. No kidding, you use the tip of your index finger and you go straight down into the bottom of the pot. Use your thumb to measure and mark the height of the rice on your index finger. Then you place your finger on the top of the rice. the water should be about the same height as the rice. I know, Asian ingenuity at its best.


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