China Wok

I’ve been coming to this joint for years and they have never once failed me with their food. I have to say that they got this thing down with the consistency. They definitely live by the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” rule because their food has never changed in taste or method. They’ve been serving the same great tasting food for the past 20 years.

Their buffet is from 11-2pm monday through Sunday. They’re Chinese so they never close. Which is great for us as a customer, but it’s gotta suck for the workers. I could feel their pain. G-Bless my 2 day weekends.

The buffet only have about 20-25 items, it’s fairly small but this is what makes it so great. They take the time to perfect each item so it’ll taste good every time. They don’t rush the food just to keep the customers. In fact, they’re very Nazi about the food coming out. When it’s done, it’ll be on the buffet. Do not ask because they’re not that friendly to explain why or they’ll have it immediatlely due to your demands. Haha it’s great.

They’re known for their “Ga Xe Phay” or Shredded Steamed Chicken. This is so delicious and perfect in every way. The chicken is seasoned and steamed until it’s juicy and tender. It’s not dried nor chewy – Thank goodness! Then the meat would be taken apart and shredded into chunky strips. Seasoned with their house special marinade and I can’t figure it out other than the obvious salt, pepper, chinese cilantro… and being chinese, of course they’re not going to give me the recipe! Even though I practically eat there every Sunday.

Secondly, they’re notorious for their Crispy Pork. These people do not play around when they say it’s Crispy. You could hear it a mile away when someone’s eating China Wok’s cripsy pork. It’s ridiculously loud but in a good way for the pork eaters. I never had it and probably never will because I do not dig pork. But the crunchiness makes it so tempting… By the way, just FYI – they only have this on Sunday at 11:30 am… and there’s only 1 slab of it a week… So if you’re late, don’t expect to have any. That’s why this is a special delicacy that keeps the customers coming back for more…

Their other specialty is the steamed shrimp/pork rolled rice cakes (Banh Cuon) topped with fried onions. This stuff is amazingly tasteful!!! It’s better than most dim sum i’ve been to. The rice cake is perfectly steamed into a thin wrap and stuffed with minced seasoned pork and shrimps. I don’t know this method too well but I do know it is difficult to make due to the consistency in the rice texture. There’s a sweet soy sauce that you drown the rice cakes into and it’s the perfect combination. I could eat it everyday.

They have dining in menus and order to go as well. I’ve done it all and they haven’t disappointed me yet. *Knocks on wood*

There’s 1 waittress, but she’s actually the wife and co-owner of the restaurant. She looks mean but that’s how she’s always been. Do you see the pattern here? Consistency… The husband usually do the check outs and take orders… he doesn’t do the cleaning… typical.

China Wok
5345 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA
(770) 441-9717


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