Steamhouse Lounge

this is one of my favorite hangout for a nice cold beer and a pot of seafood on the balcony overlooking a few trees and lots of concrete. But it’s not about the environment as much as it is the company you’re with. There are one too many good times here and the tradition of it continues on… this time… involves a broken stool.

I have to set the record straight, no matter how my friends look at it… it was a very weathered stool. it’s been through some tough times. thanks to me, i’ve put an END to its misery. thank you.

Anyways, it was a gorgeous Saturday to be out and about. Hunger struck us all immediately and I knew right away… when the stomach summons, we must obey. with my quick witty thinking, I pointed to the nearest peachtree street and without resistance, we proceeded until we got to our destination. 🙂

These friends of mine loves their micheladas. I’ve never had one and no, it’s not just a glass with salted rim and lime juice poured over ice. It’s way better than that! Although Steamhouse didn’t have all the ingredients, but my friend was able to concoct something very similar and that was enough to convince me that this has become my new favorite drink! Recipe will follow. 🙂

The bloody marys were actually ok. I think it looks way much better than it tasted. I’m very picky about my bloody marys. I love it but I can’t stand the smell of the raw tomato juice in it. Weirdo! I have to admit that the shrimp was freaking awesome! It was very fresh, plump and not overcooked. That really put this drink on the spotlight. All it really needed was extra lime. 🙂

I ordered the usual of lobster bisque, seafood bucket and lobster roll with fries. The lobster bisque and seafood bucket is a no fail order -I promise. The seafood bucket consisted of corn, potatoes, shrimps, clams, oysters, and crab legs steamed enough for about 4 people. I could really eat that bucket myself but I was with company. Must put on table etiquettes. Anyways, it’s just a great way to interact and socialize together. We eat, we drink, we laugh, and we sorta share…shells, claws, lemon wedges and butter could be flying all over theplace. But once it’s done, we’re still friends.

Traveling really gets your mind open to many many new things. So when I order the lobster roll, it brings be back to Boston. Where I had the BEST (hands down) lobster roll. It was orgasmic. I love my steamhouse… but they did not put mayo in my roll. It was just a toasted hot dog bun with chopped lobsters. I had to question myself at that very moment… if I’ve given them too much credit…*hyperventilating*… such travesty should not be taken so lightly. You do not put lobster roll on the menu if you can’t follow through what what it really is. I won’t speak of this ever again.

Anyways, the friends loved the seafood bucket so much that they also ordered the seafood skillet… which was the exact same thing except…it was on a skillet. BAHAHAHA!!!

Steamhouse Lounge
1051 W Peachtree St NW,
(404) 233-7980


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