I Love Pho

I love Pho. No really, this place is really called I love Pho. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe it’s another chain restaurants derived from either CA or TX or both… Nonetheless, we needed something good here and I hope it stays until my palate refuses to eat it anymore.

By word of mouth, I was introduced to this place and as soon as I walked in, has embraced it with open arms and empty stomach.

They’re open 24/6 (they close on Monday). The restaurant is still very new so everything is still clean and all the condiment bottles are still squeezable. They serve orange water – slice of orange in your water makes it so refreshing and something new. I have to say, the restaurant has fairly decent services. *knocks on wood*. They were very prompt even when they’re super busy at 3o’clock in the morning…

I’ve made myself a regular there just within 2 months… have also forced myself to order something different each time so that I can make recommendations and praise about it to friends and families. And none has yet been disappointed so Karly did good, once again.

Although, the only irony to this place is the fact that their PHO is not great. I can strongly attest to this because I’ve tried it twice and really don’t care for it – or maybe a 3rd time is a charm? I might try it again in a few months… The broth is ok, the meat was just not hitting the spot for me. I can’t really describe the exact dislike in the taste but I knew as soon as it went in my mouth, that it didn’t taste good. It was OK and eatable. But I wouldn’t make a trip there to eat PHO. There’s so much high expectations for such a name. Your PHO has to be the shiznits if you’re going to name it that.

Now that we got that one dish out of the way… let’s move on to the good stuff…

I’m very picky about my tapiocas – which is a marbled size black starchy balls. If cooked correctly, they should be soft yet chewy and it is very addicting if you’re acquired to it. I was very please with their tapiocas, it could be a bit softer but I couldn’t complain. The smoothie was very creamy and I was able to taste the flavor of the smoothie rather than always wondering half the time – what the hell did I order??? they surprised me with whipped cream on top! it was fabulous!

Spring Rolls. Very fresh, $2.95 for 2 rolls. They don’t use the fresh boiled pork. They used “Cha Lua” which is like a SPAM… but tasty I heard…

Seafood Rice in Clay Pot. This is the winner here. A mixture of fresh scallops, calamari and shrimps stir fried with pineapples, baby corns and brocolis cooked in this wonderful sweet marinade in a clay pot. The clay pot is to keep the rice hot and crispy at the bottom while steaming the top when the lid is on. It’s a very unique method and a great dish for eating in the winter time.

Speciali Combination Rice Plate $7.95. This comes with a really delicious grilled pork, a shrimp paste, grilled shrimps and a steamed pork with vemicelli noodle cake and a heart shaped rice. How cute! You can also ask for yellow fried rice. The plate also comes with a bowl of hot beef broth and a bowl of sweet chili fish sauce. Very yummy!

Banh Canh Tom/Ga (Clear Noodle Shrimp and Chicken Soup)

Mi Ga (Egg Noodle Chicken)  

I Love Pho
4650 Jimmy Carter Bldv Suite 133-B
Norcross, GA 30093


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