Steamed Blue Crabs

Being a fisherman’s daughter isn’t so much fun, especially having to wake up before the crack of dawn, put on some boots, hop on a small boat and off to the bay to pull up crab traps and netted for fish. Every Saturday morning was the most dreadful for me while the other kids get to sleep in and watch their favorite cartoons! I was sitting out on the bay half asleep and agitated that the morning sun kept shining in my face. Little did I know how much those precious and luxurious moments could cost me these days…

However, every hard work always have its perks. I get to eat the most freshest of the fresh right off the boat food. In fact, we were so rotten to the point that we would refuse to certain ones and throw them back.

Dad used to own a much bigger boat where he used to take the family out to Mobile Bay to catch shrimps, oysters, crabs, fish, squid and mom would steam/boil them and we would have a family feast while watching the sun set. I miss those great memories but I don’t think I could ever go back to that kind of life – unless it’s because I enjoy it, not because I had to.

If you’re lucky like me, you could go to H-mart or Great Wall Asian market and they usually have them around this time of year. I got mine for $2.99 lb. and this time, they only had female crabs – which are the BEST because of the eggs. Don’t worry, they won’t become extinct from this because each female crabs can carry up to a gazillion eggs. They produce fairly quickly. Ha!

Live blue crabs
your favorite dipping sauce

Pour water into the bottom part of the steamer and turn on high heat to let the water start boiling.

I usually put the crabs in the sink and run cold water over it to wash some of the slimy stuff off it.

Using a tong, put the crabs on the steamer tray and bring it to the steamer. Steam for about 25 min. or until the crab is a pretty orange color.

Take it out and serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce!

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