Seafood Fondue

Most Vietnamese dishes are made to eat together as a family such as fondue. Since we are social creatures, we enjoy the company of friends and especially families to share the dinner table with. It’s a good thing they love to eat as much as we do, if that’s even possible! 😛

Fondue is basically anything that can be dipped and cooked in a broth, cheese or chocolate in a communal pot over a slow burner. It’s definitely a great social gathering type of eatery because everyone participates at the table such as talking smack and fighting for that 1 piece of meat when in fact, there’s a whole pot full of meat…

Tonight, we had seafood fondue which consisted of the strips of salmon, shrimps, cuttlefish and thick slices of rib-eye beef cooked in a pineapple, garlic and red onion broth. I like using pineapple juice because the tartness somehow brings out that extra sweetness in the meat. Once the meat are cooked, they are then wrapped in rice paper with cucumbers, lettuces, mints, egg mints and vermicelli noodles (which came out a bit late because I totally forgot about it) and dipped in sweet chili fish sauce. I’m a saucy gal, I must dip everything I eat!

Please keep in mind that the ingredients/directions  are loosely written because it varies on the amount of people eating and what type of meat you prefer to eat etc…There is no correct way of eating this

Salmon (cut into thick strips)
Cuttlefish (non frozen would be better but not necessary. Cut into very thin slices)
Shrimps (shelled and deveined)
Beef (thin slices)
1 red onion (sliced thinly)
1 large can of Doles Pineapple juice
2 tbsp. of minced garlic
2 tbsp. of oil
Sweet chili fish sauce for dipping
Leaf Lettuces
Cucumbers (sliced)
Fresh herbs
Vermicelli Noodles
Rice paper
Hot water for the rice paper


Place all the meat & seafood into a big serving platter

In a large electric skillet, drizzle some oil and sauteed the garlic and some red onions until aromatic and then pour in the entire can of pineapple juice. Bring it to a boil before placing uncooked meat and seafood in. The great thing about this is that everyone can cook their own meat to their likings such as rare, medium rare and completely cooked. The only thing that would need to be cook well is the cuttlefish.

Assemble another plate for the lettuces, cucumbers and fresh herbs

The sweet chili fish sauce for the dipping!

Basically I give everyone a duty such as 1 dipping the rice paper in hot water for everyone and another person would be responsible for keeping the pot filled with meat. 🙂 As the meat are cooked, everyone can grab their likings and start making their spring rolls. Enjoy!


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