Sunday Chicken Curry & Fried Eggs

I made Chicken Curry with whole fried eggs, cut up dark meat chicken, chicken gizzards and fried potatoes. Believe me, there were a whole lot of goodness in it.

First thing is to boil about 6-8 eggs until well done. Peel the eggs and be sure to dry them with a paper towel so that it won’t pop in the heated oil. In a frying pan with about 1/3 of oil, fry the eggs gently and be sure to keep it rolling so that it will fry evenly on all sides until golden brown. Be sure to use paper towels to soak all the grease from the eggs when taken out of the pan.

Follow my Chicken Curry recipe and you add the fried eggs the same time as you would the fried potatoes. Easy!

The Sauce 🙂

Ingredients: half a lime (if using key limes – 2 or 3), 1-2 crushed Thai chili pepper and 2 tbsp. salt
Directions: mix everything into a sauce bowl and serve.


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