Project Mini Photo Studio

I’ve been wanting a mini photo studio ever since that one fine day of traveling and my iphone ran out of juice and the only thing left to keep me occupy was the Sky Travel magazine. Dammit! Infomercial at its best even at 30,000 thousand miles in the air…except this infomercial wasn’t one of those “order now for $9.99 and they’ll throw in a second for FREE if you call in the next 10 min!” It’s a bit pricey even if I wasn’t on a budget!

The final push to do something about the lighting distress in my kitchen is when I had to bring my food outside to get some natural day light… even that fail… after a few hundreds bad shots, I finally gave up.

The fact that I am on a BUDGET, I did some googling and found an awesome DIY site that shows you have to make your own mini photo studio with a card board box? It’s true indeed and what an awesome idea! It requires minimal time and supplies – That’s my kind of project! šŸ™‚

So this is what I have and I’m much happier with my results now. I can adjust my lighting and my shadows with the left and right flaps (by opening or closing it) and adjusting the lamp’s head. Did a few shots of chili lime almonds and lo and behold, my camera ran out of juice. Blasphemy!

Anyways, I can’t wait to start cooking up some more beautiful dishes to shoot.

Things you need:
duct tape & regular tapes
exacto knife
12 x 12 or bigger box ( I went to Home Depot and got the biggest box for $1.67)
2 lamps ($9.95 per lamp @ Walmart)
a pen
white tissue paper ($1.00 @ Walmart)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    you are just too clever… ā¤ this and will be bookmarking for later use… I'm supposed to get my camera back ANY day!

    1. karlyeats says:

      Thanks Amy dearest! But Vic broke my box… he flung my purse over the counter and it slided right on top of photo box and went straight through it. I wanted to scream!!

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